This is a tutorial to help people on this wiki.

Main Story PageEdit

Your Main Story page is completly up to your design. You can design it however you want but it is recomended to include Sypnosis, Issue Links, Timeline and your Character Page Links.

Issue PagesEdit

Each Issue has to be seperate pages and not just all in one page. It should also be titled Story/Issue X

If your story is titled "Apocalypse" then the issue names should be Apocalypse/Issue 1'Apocalypse/Issue 2 and so on. Now the backslash (/) Is the main thing you need and it is required. However It doesnt have to be an Issue and you can use Story/Chapter X and 'Story/Episode X

Character PageEdit

You dont have to make character pages but if you do you should name it, Character Name (Your Story Name), to avoid confusion from other characters. Stuff recomended to put on the page is if their a main, supporting, minor character and if there an protagonist/antagonist. You might also want to include:

  • Personality
  • Pre- and Post-Apocalypse Infortmation
  • Killed Victems
  • Killed By (If they died)
  • Trivia
  • Photo

and anything you want

Required TemplatesEdit

Url This story is still in progress.

This is to show people that your story is active and is in progress

Pause This story is currently on hiatus.

This is to show that your story is on a break/pause for a discloused amount of time

30px This story has been completed.

This is to show your story is finished